Donner Guitar Pedal Reviews

In this page we’ll put all the reviews about Donner pedals and guitar effects for many Donner audio gear for musicians, that hopefully will answer the question about whether Donner pedals are good or not.

Check if there is any pedal you want to buy and check out the buying guide for the specific Donner pedal in the list below.

Happy playing, guitarists!

Donner DP-1 Power Station Pedal

Read the Donner DP-1 Review – a power station pedal for powering your signal chain’s stompboxes and pedals for gigs, recording and other playing situations.

Donner Echo Square Delay

Read the Donner Echo Square Delay Review Article – an echo-style dealy pedal effect for electric guitar pedalboards that can make good ambient sounds and add more presence to your playing.

Donner Lax Comp Pedal

Donner Lax Comp Review – a cheap compression pedal for your tone.

Donner Yellow Fall Delay

Read the Donner Yellow Fall Delay guitar Effect Review – another delay effect pedal from Donner.

Donner Noise Killer Pedal

Read the Donner Noise Killer Guitar pedal Review – an affordable noise killer pedal for metal music and high-gain pedal settings that can cut unwanted frequencies and other noises during gigs and during your badass distorted playing.

Donner Circle Looper Review

Read the Donner Circle Looper Pedal Review here – a good loop station with a good amount of settings and therefore good customization levels for your playing.

Donner Tutti Love Chorus

Read the Donner Tutti Love Chorus effect review here – the Donner version of the chorus guitar pedal modulation effect.

Donner Blues Drive Review

Read the Donner Blues Drive pedal for fans of blues here – a distortion pedal designed for giving you the warm distortion of blues music – that you can still push more with the gain in order to get a balanced rock/high gain (obviously in the limits of a guitar effect designed for blues, so don’t expect to get death metal distortion levels) tone setup.

Donner ABY Box Review

Read the Donner ABY Box Review here – the Donner ABY box for splitting signals.

Donner Dynamic Auto Wah

Read the Donner Dynamic Auto Wah Review – a cheap auto wah electric guitar effect pedal for funky and interesting playing styles with some customizable settings for envelope filters.

Donner White Tape Delay

Read the Donner White Tape Delay Review – yet another delay pedal from Donner: different settings compared to others (well, obviously) so you might want to check this out as well together with the other dealys pedals if you want to get another delay stompbox