Donner Dynamic Auto Wah Review

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I recently had the opportunity to test out and then I’ve written as result this Donner Dynamic Auto Wah Review, and I must say, it’s a compact pedal that packs a punch: in this review, I’ll share my in-depth experience with this envelope filter, discussing its features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision if you’re considering adding it to your pedalboard.

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Features of the Donner Dynamic Auto Wah

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the Donner Dynamic Wah’s features:

  • Easy Controls, Wide Flexibility: The Donner Dynamic Wah comes equipped with four parameter controls, giving you full access to fine-tune your envelope filter effect. The SENS control manages sensitivity, while RES controls filter sharpness. DECAY controls the filter frequency as it falls back to its resting point, and RANGE adjusts the filter frequency range.
  • Versatile Envelope Filter: This pedal features a true bypass switch that allows your instrument’s signal to pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, ensuring your amp receives a direct, unaltered signal from your instrument. It’s an analog auto-wah effect enclosed in a robust aluminum-alloy stomp box.
  • Efficient Chip: Donner has equipped this pedal with high-quality electronic components and circuit design to keep your tone clear and pure. The envelope filter is fully controllable, with a unique decay control that offers highly accurate and very fast tracking. This crafty circuit enables incredibly responsive envelope performance, even during rapid-fire playing.
  • Donner Auto Wah Pedal Features: It operates on a 9V DC power supply and offers control over the filter sharpness (Res Knob), sensitivity (Sens Knob), filter frequency decay (Decay Knob), and filter frequency range (Range Knob). It includes input and output jacks, LED indicator lights to show the working state, and true bypass for zero tone coloration. Its compact dimensions make it a convenient addition to your pedalboard.

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Now that we’ve explored its features, let’s delve into my personal experience and share some pros and cons about the Donner Dynamic Wah.

My Pros and Cons About the Model


1. Funky Sound Possibilities

In my opinion, the Donner Dynamic Wah is a great addition to any pedalboard, especially if you’re into playing funk. It can be used with both guitar and bass, and when combined with a fuzz pedal, it produces a satisfyingly synth-like tone. Playing with a clean tone, it delivers that classic 70’s quack that’s perfect for funk grooves.

2. Compact and Durable Build

The pedal’s build quality is impressive. Despite its small size, it feels quite solid. The housing is made of metal, ensuring durability even in demanding gigging situations. Plus, its compact size won’t eat up valuable real estate on your pedalboard.

3. Variable Controls for Customization

One of the standout features for me was the variable controls on the Donner Dynamic Wah. You can easily dial in the speed and percentage of the wah effect you want, allowing for precise customization of your sound. This level of control is crucial for musicians who want to fine-tune their tone.

4. Affordable Price Point

Considering the range of sound possibilities and the build quality, this pedal offers excellent value for its price. It’s an affordable way to experiment with different envelope filter effects without breaking the bank.

5. Efficient Shipping and Customer Service

I was pleased with the quick delivery of the pedal, and it conveniently fit into a standard mailbox when shipped via USPS. The excellent customer service provided by Donner is worth mentioning as well. They offer free shipping and competitive pricing, making it a hassle-free experience for customers.


1. Limited Range for Some Tastes

While the Donner Dynamic Wah offers a good range of sound possibilities, it may not satisfy musicians looking for extreme or unconventional envelope filter effects. If you require an envelope filter with an exceptionally wide range, you might need to explore higher-priced options.

2. Learning Curve for Novices

For beginners or those new to envelope filter pedals, there might be a bit of a learning curve in understanding how to fine-tune the controls to achieve the desired effect. However, with some experimentation and practice, this can be overcome.

Should You Buy this Pedal?

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Musical Style: If you enjoy playing funk or genres that require expressive envelope filter effects, this pedal could be a valuable addition to your setup. It excels at delivering classic wah-like tones that are well-suited for funk and similar styles.
  2. Budget: If you’re looking for an affordable envelope filter pedal that offers a good range of sound possibilities without breaking the bank, this pedal might be an attractive option.
  3. Control Preference: If you appreciate precise control over your tone and enjoy experimenting with different filter settings, the variable controls on this pedal could be a major selling point for you.
  4. Space on Your Pedalboard: Its compact size makes it a space-efficient choice for pedalboard setups where real estate is limited.
  5. Tonal Requirements: Consider your specific tonal needs. While this pedal offers a good range of sounds, it may not cater to those seeking extremely wide or unconventional filter effects.
  6. Experience Level: If you’re a novice, be prepared for a bit of a learning curve in understanding how to fine-tune the controls to achieve your desired effect. However, with some practice, this can be overcome.
  7. Shipping and Customer Service: If you value efficient shipping and good customer service, it’s worth noting that this pedal arrived quickly and comes with favorable customer service.

In summary, if you’re a guitarist or bassist looking for a budget-friendly envelope filter pedal that’s particularly well-suited for funk and classic wah tones, and you appreciate compact and durable pedal designs, then this pedal may be a great fit for you. However, if you have more specific or unconventional tonal needs, you might want to explore other options that better match your requirements. Ultimately, the decision should align with your musical style and individual preferences.


In conclusion of this Donner Dynamic Auto Wah review I can say that it is a fantastic addition to any guitarist or bassist’s arsenal, especially if you’re a fan of funk or classic wah tones. Its compact size, durability, variable controls, and affordable price point make it a solid choice for both beginners and experienced musicians. While it may not cater to the most extreme filter effects, its versatility and overall performance make it a worthwhile investment for enhancing your sound.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a budget-friendly envelope filter pedal that delivers funkadelic tones with precision, the Donner Dynamic Wah is worth considering.



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