DONNER DP-1 Review: Is it a Good Pedalboard Power Supply?

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In my years of experience as a guitarist, I’ve come to appreciate the critical role that power supplies play in shaping the quality of my guitar effects. A reliable and noise-free power source can make all the difference, allowing your pedals to shine with clarity and precision. Today, I’m excited to share my hands-on experience and review with the Donner DP-1 Guitar Power Supply, a versatile and dependable solution for powering your beloved effects.

Features Review of this Guitar Power Supply

Let’s start by diving into the key features of the Donner DP-1 power supply:

  • Switch For LED Lights: The DP-1 comes equipped with LED lights that can be easily controlled using a switch. Whether you want to illuminate your pedalboard or keep things discreet, this feature offers flexibility.
  • Independent and Stable Power Supply: One standout feature of the Donner DP-1 is its independent power interfaces. With an 18V power supply and a voltage regulator circuit for each output, you can count on stable and noise-free power distribution.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Safety is paramount, and the DP-1 ensures it with separate short-circuit protection for each of its 10 outputs. In the event of a short circuit, the affected channel’s LED will indicate the issue while the others continue to function.
  • Versatile Voltage Support: This power supply can handle a variety of voltage requirements, including 9V, 12V, and 18V, making it compatible with a wide range of pedals without the need for additional adapters.
  • Noise Reduction Circuit Design: Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the DP-1 features a noise reduction function, ensuring a low noise floor for your effects. This enhances your overall playing experience and preserves the integrity of your sound.
  • Compact and Portable: The DP-1’s compact dimensions (150x50x30mm) and lightweight design (196g) make it easy to integrate into your pedalboard setup, adding convenience without sacrificing space.
  • Blue LED Indicator: The bright blue LED not only adds a stylish touch to your pedalboard but also serves as an indicator for pedalboard lighting and short-circuit detection.
  • Package Includes: With your purchase, you’ll receive the DP-1 Guitar Pedal Power Supply, a DC18V Power Adapter, 10 DC Power Cables, 2 Polarity Reversal Cables, and a Manual.

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Now, let’s get into the heart of this review by discussing my personal experiences and opinions about the Donner DP-1 Guitar Power Supply, and review the pros and cons.

My Pros and Cons About this Donner Power Supply for Effects Chain and Pedalboard


Clean and Noise-Free Power: In my review, the DP-1’s multiple isolated DC outputs lived up to their promise. They delivered clean and stable power to each pedal, eliminating ground loops and unwanted noise. This is a game-changer for musicians who rely on multiple pedals to shape their sound.

Versatile Voltage Compatibility: The ability to switch between 9V, 12V, and 18V voltage options is a significant advantage. It simplifies the setup, especially when dealing with pedals that have varying voltage requirements. You won’t need to hunt for additional adapters, which is a major time-saver during gigs or studio sessions.

Solid Construction: The DP-1’s aluminum alloy build exudes durability. It’s built to withstand the rigors of performing and touring, giving you peace of mind that your power supply won’t let you down when you need it most.

Safety First: The inclusion of short-circuit protection is a crucial safety feature. It ensures that if one channel encounters a short circuit, it won’t disrupt the functionality of the others. This feature not only protects your pedals but also your performance.

Compact and Efficient: The DP-1’s compact size makes it a breeze to integrate into your pedalboard setup. It doesn’t hog valuable real estate, allowing you to optimize your pedal arrangement efficiently.

Another good pro is the payment flexibility, for example paying with Paypal you can divide the price into 4 interest free-payments (see more here)


Limited Isolation: While the DP-1 is touted as having isolated outputs, it’s worth noting that it may not provide the same level of isolation as some premium power supplies. If you’re using digital pedals that introduce odd digital noise, especially in high-gain settings, you may still encounter some interference. In such cases, adding external isolators like the Joyo ZGP isolator can help mitigate the issue.

Mixed “Isolated” Claims: The product’s title mentions isolation, which might lead you to believe it offers complete isolation between channels. However, as mentioned, it may not fully meet the expectations of those seeking absolute isolation.

Final Review Thoughts: is the Donner DP-1 good for our Guitar Signal Chain Pedals?

In my extensive experience with guitar effects and pedalboard setups, and after reviewing the Donner DP-1 Guitar Power Supply stands out as a reliable and versatile choice. Its multiple isolated DC outputs, support for various voltage options, robust construction, and safety features make it an excellent companion for any guitarist or bassist.

While it may not provide absolute isolation for demanding digital pedals, it excels in most setups, delivering clean and noise-free power to your effects. The convenience of voltage switching and the peace of mind offered by short-circuit protection further enhance its appeal.

As a conclusion for this review, n the world of pedalboard power supplies, the Donner DP-1 strikes a balance between performance and affordability. It’s a valuable addition to your gear arsenal, ensuring that your effects always sound their best. Elevate your sound, optimize your setup, and unleash the full potential of your effects with the Donner DP-1 Guitar Power Supply.



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