Donner White Tape Delay Review

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When it comes to achieving that timeless tape delay sound, the Donner White Tape Stereo Delay Pedal is a true contender, and I had the opportunity to put this pedal through its paces, and I must say, it left quite an impression.

In this Donner White Tape review, I’ll delve into its features, my personal experience with it, and provide you with a balanced perspective on its pros and cons.


Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at what the Donner White Tape has to offer:

Classic Tape Delay Sound

One of the standout features of this pedal is its ability to capture the sought-after timbre of vintage tape echo machines. It delivers that warm and organic tape delay sound that many guitarists and musicians crave. What’s more, it faithfully replicates the ‘wow’ and ‘flutter’ effects, along with the authentic bass drop-off on the repeats. In my opinion, this is where the White Tape truly shines, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane for lovers of classic delay tones.

Stereo Delight

The White Tape takes the stereo game to the next level with two independent delay channels and controls. This feature adds a wonderful sense of space and substance to your sound when used in a stereo setup. It’s worth noting, however, that if you want to access the second delay channel, you’ll need to run it in stereo mode. It would be nice if there were an option to combine both channels in mono mode for added flexibility.

Versatility Personified

Versatility is the name of the game with the White Tape Stereo Delay Pedal. Whether you’re a guitarist, synth enthusiast, or working with drum machines, this pedal has got you covered. With a maximum delay length of 1000ms, it’s suitable for a wide range of musical styles and applications. In my testing, it proved equally adept at enhancing the sonic landscape of synthesizers and guitars alike.

Intuitive Controls

The White Tape offers straightforward and intuitive controls:

  1. Level Knob: This knob allows you to adjust the delay signal level of the left and right channels. Turning it counterclockwise provides a dry guitar signal, while clockwise increases the delay level.
  2. Time Knob: Adjusting the time knob lets you fine-tune the delay time, ranging from 25ms to 1000ms for each channel.
  3. Feedback Knob: The feedback knob controls the delay feedback for each channel. Turning it fully counterclockwise results in a single repeat, while cranking it fully clockwise produces infinite feedback.

Robust Build

The White Tape boasts a sturdy construction with knobs and jacks that exude durability. While I haven’t put the footswitch to the test extensively, it appears solid and capable of handling regular use. This pedal is designed to be an “always-on” addition to your pedalboard, and its compact size won’t consume valuable real estate.

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Features, pros and cons of the Donner White Tape Delay Pedal (Review article)

My Pros and Cons


Authentic Tape Echo Sound

In my experience, the White Tape delivers a genuinely authentic tape echo sound. The ‘wow’ and ‘flutter’ effects, along with the characteristic bass drop-off, are faithfully recreated, making it a go-to choice for those seeking that vintage tape delay vibe.

Affordable Stereo Delays

Considering the quality and versatility it offers, the White Tape is surprisingly affordable. It’s a versatile stereo delay pedal that doesn’t break the bank. Donner could have easily charged more for this gem, making it a budget-friendly choice for musicians.

Perfect for Layering

If you’re into creating complex soundscapes, the White Tape is a perfect tool for the job. With its dual delays, you can achieve mesmerizing layers and textures in stereo. It’s a must-have for musicians looking to add depth to their music.

Clear and Noise-Free

During my testing, I encountered zero issues with the White Tape. The pedal maintained a clear and noise-free tone, even at high feedback settings. This level of sonic integrity is essential for any delay pedal, and the White Tape delivers.


Stereo-Only Second Delay

One notable drawback is that the second delay channel is only accessible when running the pedal in stereo mode. It would have been more versatile if both channels could combine in mono mode for users with mono setups.

No Mention of Presets

While the White Tape is incredibly versatile, it lacks preset functionality. Presets could have enhanced its usability further by allowing users to save and recall their favorite delay settings.

Reviewing the Donner White Tape: Review Conclusion

In conclusion of this Donner White Tape review, this Delay Pedal offers an impressive tape delay experience at an accessible price point.

Its ability to capture the essence of vintage tape echo machines and its stereo capabilities make it a valuable addition to any musician’s arsenal: despite some minor limitations, it delivers on its promise of warm, organic delay tones and versatile soundscaping.

Whether you’re a guitarist, synth enthusiast, or a producer looking to add depth to your tracks, the Donner White Tape is a reliable and budget-friendly choice that won’t disappoint.



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