Best Strings for Djent

What are the best strings for djent? This question is very important for this genre, as the tension of the strings can have huge impact about the huge sound that is peculiar to this metal subgenre. In this article we’ll see some options for your sound. 1. ERNIE BALL MAMMOOTH SLINKY The Enie Ball Mammooth … Leggi tutto

Best 8 String Pickups For Djent

Having a good pickup specifically for djent requires some perks that help you getting that modern-metal sound, giving you a great high-gain output as well as some great mid-frequencies and the right punch and attack needed for this genre of music (for some general advice for this genre, you can also check out some general … Leggi tutto

Best Djent Metal pedals for a Djent Guitar Tone

If you’re searching some pedals that can help you achieve a djent guitar tone, then you have to take 2 (and eventually 3, if you need more customisation) pedals: a distortion/overdrive and a noise gate, and the optional one is an Equalisation pedal. In this article you’ll see some models for each of these 3 … Leggi tutto

How To Get A Djent Guitar Tone

Djent started becoming popular in the metal scene almost exclusively for a meme (the almost ubiquitous “but does it djent” meme) , but one of the main credits for this was the renewed interest for that subgenre of metal. In this article we’ll see how to get a djent tone from your own electric guitar … Leggi tutto

Djent Riff Generators: jumpstart your writing!

There are lots and tons of informations about riff writing out there, but what about using an Algorithm and using a Djent Riff Generator when you’re trying to write a Djent metal riff or a breakdown? This tool maybe can’t (and for someone shouldn’t) replace the “human” songwriting, but it can be useful when you … Leggi tutto