The History of Fingerstyle Guitar

History of Fingerstyle Guitar

HISTORY OF FINGERSTYLE GUITAR: SHORT KEY TAKEAWAYS Introduction The beauty of fingerstyle guitar lies in its ability to create enchanting melodies and intricate harmonies, all brought to life by the nimble fingers of the guitarist. In this journey through the history of fingerstyle guitar technique, we’ll explore the roots, evolution, and pivotal figures that have … Leggi tutto

Virtual Sheet Music Review (Best Music Sheet Subscription for classical Musicians?)

Reviewing the Virtual Music Sheet Subscription website: best music subscription site for classical music, professional musicians, conservatories and music schools?

(our site contains affiliate links that may earn us a small commission at no extra cost for you) KEY TAKEAWAYS Key Information Details Site Name Virtual Sheet Music Founded Since 1999 Membership Benefits – Extensive collection of music sheets – Covers multiple instruments and genres – Exclusive arrangements available – MIDI and MP3 files for … Leggi tutto

Who Was Joseph Kaspar Mertz? | Classical Guitar Masters

Joseph Kaspar Mertz (mentioned by most with Johann Kaspar Mertz because of a mistake made by the German based guitar journal “Der Guitarrefreund”, that though that the J.K. letters used for signing his operas were the short version of Johann instead of Joseph) definitely was one of the most influential guitarists of the Romantic period, … Leggi tutto

Francisco Tárrega: The Father of Modern Classical Guitar

Blog post about Francisco Tarrega classical guitarist and composer

Who was Francisco Tarrega? For a modern day’s classical guitarist, he’s definitely one of the most influential composers and classical guitar players and masters: he was very prolific in his compositions, that are today categorised in the late Romantic period but sometimes seen as a Modern era composer, and was also a very skilled player … Leggi tutto

What is Fingerstyle Guitar? | (A Beginner Guide)

guitar technique fingerstyle hand fingertips strumming

Basically, fingerstyle guitar is a style of playing the guitar where you use your fingers, nails, or picks in your fingers to play. This style allows for a more creative interpretation of music as well as richer sounds. It’s also much faster than playing with a pick. Fingerstyle guitar is typically played on a steel … Leggi tutto

How To Fight Demotivation While Learning Guitar

You’ve just purchased a brand new guitar because you decided to acquire an important skill- learn how to play the guitar! Congrats! Learning the guitar is one of the simplest yet most fulfilling life skills that’ll leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied in life! But here’s the bitter truth- learning guitar may not be as … Leggi tutto

What Is Synthwave Music?

There are so many new music genres out there these days. It is very hard to keep track even how many music genres have been introduced up until now. However, with the synth wave music genre there is also an added complexity because there have been two very different and separate incarnations. The first one … Leggi tutto

What Is Metalcore?

a genre between heavy metal and hardcore punk: metalcore

Metalcore, also known as metallic hardcore, refers to a heavy metal subgenre that incorporates different elements within extreme metal and hardcore punk. This type of genre is well known for its application of intense breakdowns, which are a perfect combination in bringing out that slow and conducive moshing. The instruments feature distorted double bass, drumming, … Leggi tutto