Best Strings for Djent

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What are the best strings for djent?

This question is very important for this genre, as the tension of the strings can have huge impact about the huge sound that is peculiar to this metal subgenre.

In this article we’ll see some options for your sound.


The Enie Ball Mammooth Slinky strings are specifically made for drop tunings: for this reason, they are a must for a detuned guitar, and obviously for the target of this article: djent metal.

This set will give you strings with a lot of tension, making it easier to achieve a deep and huge sound when you pick your palm-muted notes and play a song of your favourite band, may it be Meshuggah, Periphery, Tesseract or any other as well.

The gauge goes from .012 for the thinner string up right to a solid .062 for the thickest, and they’re made with tin and nickel, with an exagonal core: sound-wise, they can gift your tone with a particularly big low end in your equalisation and a very definite sound.


The D’Addario NIXL strings have been developed specifically for a better tuning stability: for this reason, they can be played for way longer without going out of tune, and therefore they can also be used for drop tuning as well (and they’re also used by Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders and Misha Mansoor from Periphery).

These strings are made with a high-carbon steel core, plain iron alloy and nickel in the windings, and they’re far more resistent and improved for less string-breaking fenomenon.

Another proof of their superior resistance is their resistance to extreme bendings, that in most cases can be dangerous for strings and can make them break, but the reinforced core of this set gives them a much higher breaking point, making them more durable.

A good gauge for these strings goes from the minimum of .010 for the thinnest string (the first number you see on a string set, bassically) and beyond; if you have a 6 string guitar you can try the 10-52 Light top heavy bottom, going with the 10-59 Regular Light 7 String and eventually with the 10-74 Light Top Heavy Bottom 8 String if you have more strings on your electric guitar.


Kalium strings have a lot (really, a lot) of strings specifically made for detuned guitars and for all your drop-tuning dreams: you can find strings for your 6, 7 , 8, 9 or even 10 strings guitar in a wide variety of different gauges, each one optimised for wildly detuning your own guitar.

Sound-wise, they offer a clear and definite sound with great bass low frequencies and a good midrange, great for djent sounds.

You can check out their huge store here , and because of the huge variety you’ll probably have to use the filters on the left and then find the specific page for your own number of strings.


The Dunlop Heavy Core DHCN nickel wounded strings are another set made for drop tuning, with a specifically made core and winding ratio that will optimize the sound and the durability of these strings.

They offer a focused and defined mid end, as well as a tight low end and a clear and definite treble, giving you a versatile set for both clean and distorted guitar playing.

If you want to check them out, you can see directly in the Dunlop official website.

metaò guitar playing with a red 6 string electric guitar.


Choosing the right strings for djent metal may seem a difficult task, but any of these strings can give you a good sound: beyond them, also, there are lots of things that can influence your sound as well, helping you in your djent sound research journey (you can read some more here).

Just play and experiment, and make total destroy with your guitar!

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