Best Headphones for Metal: The top Metal Headphones


(this article contains affiliate links that may earn us a small commission at no extra cost for you) As a metalhead, finding the perfect headphones to listen to my favorite bands is a must. Whether it’s thrash, death, or black metal, I want to hear every single detail of the music. That’s why I spent … Leggi tutto

The Timeless Beauty of Gregorian Chant


KEY TAKEAWAYS: GREGORIAN CHANT SUMMARY Introduction Gregorian chant, a captivating and ethereal form of liturgical music, has left an indelible mark on Western music history. Rooted in the traditions of the early Christian Church, this sacred music style has transcended centuries, preserving its spiritual and cultural significance. In this exploration, we will delve into the … Leggi tutto

What is the Tritone in Music Theory: the Devil’s Interval

What is the Tritone (devil's interval/diabulus in musica) interval in music theory area?

The tritone, often referred to as the “devil’s interval,” is a musical interval with a rich and controversial history. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the origins of the tritone, its historical significance, and its role in shaping the music we know today. SHORT KEY TAKEAWAYS: TRITONE INTERVAL IN MUSIC THEORY Historical Perspective Origins of … Leggi tutto

The History of Music Notation: Music Sheets history

The Music Notation history: when did the Music Sheets and Music Scores get invented

Music is a timeless and universal language that has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people across the ages. It’s a form of artistic expression that has been cherished for centuries. While we often enjoy music through live performances and recordings, music sheets have played a crucial role in preserving and sharing this art … Leggi tutto

How Many Types of Synthesizers Are There?

How many types of synths are there?

To many people, synthesizers are divided into two main categories: digital and analog. Know the argument among many is which is better between the two categories when it comes to reliability, sound quality, and portability. In reality, neither of these designs is better than the other. Each has its disadvantages and advantages – and as … Leggi tutto

What Is a Synthesizer, and How Does it Work?

What is synthesis in music guitar outrun

Music has always had a healing effect for centuries. However, producing the best sound is never an easy task. In the past, it was only possible to create music through limited ways like striking or vibrating a string, as is the case with a cello, violin, piano, or guitar. The same was also achievable by … Leggi tutto

What Is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)?

Digital Audio Workstation overview from GuitarOutrun

Digital Audio Workstation is an audio editor or software that produces music and other audio digital-based projects. The software allows you to invent, arrange and edit various layers of audio. It ensures you easily import music from any device recorded from a musical instrument or microphone connected to a computer. You can even import audios … Leggi tutto

Djent Riff Generators: jumpstart your writing!

There are lots and tons of informations about riff writing out there, but what about using an Algorithm and using a Djent Riff Generator when you’re trying to write a Djent metal riff or a breakdown? This tool maybe can’t (and for someone shouldn’t) replace the “human” songwriting, but it can be useful when you … Leggi tutto