What is Death Core? Famous Bands And Songs

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Serene and calming music is fine but sometimes you are in the mood for listening to the shrieks and blast beats at a high volume. If you are a fan of guttural sounds and pig squeals, search for deathcore tracks. The genre has been around for a few years, and it is currently in a growth phase. Deathcore is famous for its blast beats, shrieking vocals, drop tunings, and instrumental breakdowns. Deathcore is a popular type of music that is often heard in the United States. It is a genre that focuses on dark and emotional lyrics often played in a dark environment. This genre combines metal and death metal music with electronic music and synthesizers. The band’s sound is often based on the idea of death, loss, violence, and mental illness. Deathcore is popular in America and often seen as a way to feel connected to the political and social issues facing America right now.

What Is Deathcore Music?

Deathcore is a relatively new type of music. It emerged in the 2000s and gained hype in mid-2000 within the United States. Deathcore music is a subgenre of extreme metal. This music consists of blast beats and metalcore breakdowns. Deathcore music is a fusion of death metal, metalcore, and hardcore punk. This music is loud which is hard to be ignored, in a face type that can pump you for the workout. Deathcore musicians often have long hairs and vocals are sharp guttural and shrieking voices often described as” pig squeals”.


Here are a few characteristics of deathcore music for a better understanding of the genre.

Death metal instrument: most of the instrumental techniques of deathcore music come from death metal including the detuned guitar riffs and palm muting.

Nonmelodic vocals: Nonmelodic, growling vocals and chaotic sounds are the main characteristics of deathcore music. Growling is a genre-defined property of death metal. In deathcore music, growling matches perfectly with the instrumentation. Music is played in guttural and grunting sounds with sharp screams called “pig squeals”

Blast beats: blast beat is a drum beat that is formed in grindcore and hardcore punk.  Blast beats are often associated with hard metal but sometimes it is used in metalcore also.  Blast beats are usually played in a very fast tempo and evenly divided among the base drum.

Breakdown: Breakdowns are often used in metal music to slow the pace of guitar and instrumentation in general. They also include down-tuning, low tones, and base drop. Many people feel that breakdown makes a song deathcore.

What are the Famous bands that play deathcore?

Suicide silence: this American band was established in 2002 and it has released twelve music videos and five music albums. This band currently consists of vocalist Eddie Hermida, guitarist Chris Garza, and Mark Heylmun.

Antagony:  this band was first formed in 1998 in California. It was later disbanded in 2009 and re-established in 2019. Famous songs include “End Of The Circle” and The” Mystery That Haunts You”.

Thy Art Is Murder: this Australian deathcore band was established in 2006. Vocalists include Chris “CJ” McMahon and guitarists are Sean Delander and Andy Marsh.  This band has released five studio albums now.

Carnifex: Carnifex is an American deathcore band formed in 2005. The lead vocalist is Scott Lewis. Their famous songs include Still Wrist Savior, Lie To My Face, and Dark Heart Ceremony.

Rose Funeral: rose Funeral is an American deathcore band formed in 2005. They have released three studio albums. Ryan Gardner is the famous face of Rose Funeral.

Despised Icon:  this is a Canadian band formed in 2002. Allex Pellettier is the famous drummer of the band who is famous for his blasting technique. The group was disbanded in 2010 and reunited again in 2016. 

Chelsea Grin:  the band was originally called Ahaziah which was later changed into Chelsea Grin( named after the torture method called “Glasgow Smile”.Tom Barber and Alex Koehler are the known faces of the band.

All Shall Perish:  this American band has released four music albums up till now. ALL Shall Perish released their debut album Hate, Malice, Revenge In 2003. This band’s music style consists of heavy palm muted power chords in the rhythm section.

Black Tongue: The black tongue is a British deathcore band formed in 2013. To date, the band has two EPs and two albums on its credit.

Bring Me The Horizon: Count Your Blessings was the debut album of the band which was, released in 2006. Oliver Sykes and Matt Kean are among its members.

 10 Famous Songs Of Deathcore

Here is a list of the top 10 famous deathcore songs to listen to when you are in the mood.

·         No Pitty For A Crowd (Suicide Silence)

·         All For Nothing ( Dispised Icon)

·         Recreant( Chelsea Grin)

·         Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation(All Shall Perish)

·         The Purest Strain Of Hate (The Art Is Murder)

·         District Of Misery(Oceano)

·         Decapitation Fornication(infant Annihilator)

·         Holy War(The Art Is Murder)

·         Natural Selection(Rings Of Saturn)

·         Pulling Teeth (The Red Shore)

Final Word:

Deathcore music is strongly criticized yet this metal genre is as popular and influential as it has ever been. The combination of death metal with hardcore punk seems like a very natural and powerful thing. known for its aggressive and quaky sounds, many fans of deathcore music describe the experience as a catharsis. It is considered to be a way to release negative energy.

However, deathcore is often criticized by the metal community. The main criticism of deathcore is because of repetitive breakdown music in songs. Pig squeals and the growling seems like the hardest thing to understand. This is the reason why certain bands have left the deathcore label.  If not played by skilled musicians, deathcore music can be very bland and repetitive. Another reason why deathcore music is hated is that it induces negative emotions. music that contains violent themes and lyrics can desensitize the fans to violence and intrigue negative thoughts in them.


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