Best Progressive Metal Guitar Models

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(this article contains affiliate links, that may earn us a small commission for every sale without any extra cost for you) Progressive rock focuses on experimentation, ambitious compositions, and great musical skills. While these form the foundation of the music, the guitar techniques used are simple yet complex simultaneously!v If you are looking for the … Leggi tutto

What Is Power Metal (Famous Songs and Bands)

Power metal is a subgenre of heavy metal. It’s pretty hard to describe it in a way people may resonate with it. Describing this music varies from person to person. One can say it’s full of high-tempo rhythm while emphasizing melody, while others describe it as melodic rhythms with no riffs. Moreover, the music has … Leggi tutto

What is Death Core? Famous Bands And Songs

Serene and calming music is fine but sometimes you are in the mood for listening to the shrieks and blast beats at a high volume. If you are a fan of guttural sounds and pig squeals, search for deathcore tracks. The genre has been around for a few years, and it is currently in a … Leggi tutto