What is Industrial Black Metal?

Industrial Black Metal: features and musical characteristics, band, albums, songs and main themes

Industrial black metal, though residing on the fringes of the metal world, has exerted a profound influence on the broader metal music landscape. Its sonic alchemy, merging the raw intensity of black metal with the cold, mechanical embrace of industrial music, has seeped into various subgenres. Bands across the metal spectrum have drawn inspiration from … Leggi tutto

What is Atmospheric Black Metal?

atmospheric black metal: features, bands, albums and main iconic songs.

Welcome to a journey through the mesmerizing realm of atmospheric black metal—a subgenre of metal music that defies conventions and transcends boundaries. In this blog post, we will delve into the essence of atmospheric black metal, tracing its origins, understanding its key characteristics, and discovering its emotional depth. Our voyage will also take us through … Leggi tutto

What is Post Black Metal?

Post Black Metal: Features, famous Bands, Iconic Albums and most relevant Songs for this Heavy Black Metal subgenre and fandom

Post-Black Metal is a genre that has captivated both music aficionados and those seeking a deep, emotive experience within the realm of heavy music. To understand what Post-Black Metal is all about, we must first delve into its definition, explore the historical context of its predecessor – Black Metal, and trace the intriguing journey of … Leggi tutto

What is Symphonic Black Metal?

Symphonic Black Metal - heavy metal music subgenre

In the vast realm of heavy metal, a subgenre emerges, veiled in darkness and adorned with orchestral grandeur – Symphonic Black Metal. This intriguing fusion of black metal’s raw intensity with symphonic elements has captured the hearts of many metal enthusiasts in recent years. In this exploration, we will delve into the origins, characteristics, and … Leggi tutto

History of the original first Black Metal Bands

Original black metal bands: origins and history

In the dimly lit annals of heavy metal history, there exists a subgenre that has long fascinated and often bewildered music enthusiasts: Black Metal. This enigmatic and controversial genre emerged from the shadows in the early 1980s, birthing a wave of dark, aggressive, and profoundly atmospheric music that would captivate and, at times, shock the … Leggi tutto

History and Albums of Bathory: the Pioneers of Viking Black Metal

Bathory history and albums viking black metal

In the annals of heavy metal history, there are bands that not only left an indelible mark on the genre but also pioneered new sonic territories. Bathory, hailing from Sweden, stands tall as one of these pioneering acts. Their visionary leader, Quorthon (Thomas Forsberg), took the reins of musical innovation and steered it towards uncharted … Leggi tutto

Best Amp for Black Metal

best selling amplifier electric guitar for black metal music

(this article contains affiliate links that may earn us a small commission at no extra cost for you) Black metal is a genre where in the beginning the gear didn’t matter (and still doesn’t matter if you want to achieve the true early Burzum sound by recording your guitar through a broken radio and use … Leggi tutto

Key Figures and Iconic Albums of Black Metal Music

notable black metal bands and famous albums with contemporary black metal band

Influential Black Metal Bands In the vast cosmos of black metal, certain bands shine as guiding stars, illuminating the path for generations to come. Let’s explore some of these luminaries from both the first and second waves of black metal. Mayhem: Hailing from Norway and formed in 1984, Mayhem is not just a band but … Leggi tutto

What is Black Metal?

what is black metal? history, characteristics and common themes in the lyrics.

Welcome to the enchanting world of black metal, a subgenre of heavy metal music that beckons to those who seek the raw, untamed, and hauntingly beautiful. In this guide, we’ll delve into the abyss of black metal, unraveling its enigmatic charm and unveiling its profound depths. At its core, black metal is a subgenre like … Leggi tutto

Best Progressive Metal Guitar Models

musical instruments for progressive music and electric guitar players cheap gear guitar outrun

(this article contains affiliate links, that may earn us a small commission for every sale without any extra cost for you) Progressive rock focuses on experimentation, ambitious compositions, and great musical skills. While these form the foundation of the music, the guitar techniques used are simple yet complex simultaneously!v If you are looking for the … Leggi tutto