Best Progressive Metal Guitar Models

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Progressive rock focuses on experimentation, ambitious compositions, and great musical skills. While these form the foundation of the music, the guitar techniques used are simple yet complex simultaneously!v

If you are looking for the best progressive rock guitar models, then you are at the right place! While being a sub-genre of rock music, progressive rock does not need any special guitar to play. You can do so with any basic electric guitar, but again, it is best if you can play it on the best ones!

Some of the best progressive rock guitars have specs that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The genre isn’t very picky, so a good guitar by a renowned brand is also great for playing music.

In this review, we have tried and tested a few guitar models that are best for progressive rock. Here is a review of the top 3 guitar models that stood out as the best for progressive rock music


The Ibanez GRGR131EX-BKF GIO is an affordable and stylish guitar best suited for upcoming progressive rock players. It is one of the most popular series of electric guitars by the world-famous Ibanez brand and is, in fact, a great pick for any style of music playing. Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: The guitar features a poplar body in a sleek RG design with chrome hardware. It comes with a GRG maple neck that feels comfortable on the hands and an amaranth fretboard that makes your solos and first riffs come off easily.
  • Sound quality: This guitar by Ibanez gives a reliable and stable tuning with synchronized tremolo and a versatile HSS pickup configuration. It comes with two powerful Infinity R ceramic humbuckers that deliver a multi-faceted sound spectrum.
  • Ease of use: The 6-string guitar is a good pick for beginners and professionals too. The craftsmanship of the guitar makes it easy to play any kind of style. The full black color makes it an attractive choice among other popular styles.


  • The infinity humbuckers deliver clean distortion sounds
  • Best suited for beginners
  • The full black chrome body is an attractive feature
  • The poplar body and maple neck give it great durability


  • The flat and black back will show even the slightest fingerprints


An additional low string and the six regular guitar strings are a great advantage for those playing progressive rock music: These guitars help in playing the heaviest of riffs with note clarity. One of the best guitars in this category is the 7-string Ibanez GRG7221QA-TKS series.

The GIO series was specially crafted for lwho wanted the Ibanez sound quality at an affordable price. It does not compromise on sound quality and is better than all other guitars in the price range. Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: It features a purple heart keyboard that offers a smooth and superb tone with effortless playability. It has a poplar body with an art grain quilted top that gives it an expensive outlook. The maple neck and pine fingerboard ensure the durability of the guitar.
  • Sound quality: The 2x Infinity R humbuckers on the 7-string gives it a brutal sound that’s neither muddy nor unclear. The guitar is great for solo players who might need extra room to touch the bass territory during the play. It allows the playing of ambient and soundscape music and is a great tool for hitting different chord inversions.
  • Ease of use: The construction of guitar feels comfortable on the hands and is a great pick for beginners and intermediates.


  • Art grain quilted top gives it an expensive outlook
  • The price is affordable
  • The 2x Infinity R humbuckers give a multi-faceted sound spectrum
  • It is best suited for any music level playing.


  • You may have a problem with the tuners in the beginning
  • The neck may not be very smooth


Talk about a rugged guitar that also gives out a rich, energetic tone, and you have the 8-string OCEANXHG electric guitar. This guitar exudes versatility and can be sued for any kind of event, such as a stage show, outdoor concert, or even a small social event! Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: The design of this 8-string guitar is both iconic and timeless and is the most exceptional in the price range. It features a rounded body with a cutaway neck and polished frets. The elm body wood gives it a mid-brown color with patterned ridges that are a standard of the material. This material gives it a good tone and great looks, unlike any other material.
  • Sound quality: The guitar is suitable for all music styles, especially progressive rock because it gives out a clear, rich, and energetic tone. It makes a great guitar for beginners who are just learning and making their own music. The extra 2 strings enable the creation of music that’s unconventional and touches a multi-faceted spectrum.
  • Ease of use: The guitar feels comfortable in the hands of both beginners and professionals. The body and the neck feel smooth, and the fret has a round shape that greatly reduces damage to the strings.
  • Warranty/ return policy: The product comes with  30 days return policy if you are unsatisfied with the product, it comes damaged, or you’ve just changed your mind.


  • The guitar is strong and durable.
  • The 8-strings allow greater guitar chord conversions
  • Elmwood material is famous among professional guitarists
  • A great pick for beginners and intermediates
  • The price is affordable


  • No cons to this product


Progressive rock music demands guitars that deliver clear sounds while retaining a clean note throughout. The above-mentioned electric guitars are some of the most popular in the market right now due to their sound quality, build, and their affordability!

If you are a beginner, then any of the three guitars is a great pick for you. All three give a great combination of price, performance, and durability!


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