Bugera V5 Infinium Review: Is This Amp Worth the Hype ? (Reviews)

Bugera V5 Infinium amp review - guitar amplifier review article music gear and equipment and audio equipment reviews of 2023

Looking for a compact and powerful tube combo amp that won’t break the bank? In this article we’ll make an in-depth electric guitar gear Bugera V5 Infinium review! As a guitarist with years of experience, I was skeptical of the Bugera brand at first. But after spending some time with the V5 Infinium, I can … Leggi tutto

Fender Blues Junior IV vs. Harley Benton Tube15 Celestion: Comparison Review Article

Fender Blues Junior IV versus Harley Benton Tube15 Celestion Comparison vs Review Article reviewing guitar tube amps

(this article contains affiliate links that may earn us a small commission at no extra cost for you) In the world of guitar amplifiers, the appeal of tube-driven sound remains unmatched. The rich, warm tones produced by tube amps have captivated guitarists for decades. In this in-depth comparison, I’ll guide you through two enticing options: … Leggi tutto

Best Small Fender Amp

Best small fender Amp

When it comes to legendary amplifiers, few names resonate as profoundly as Fender. The storied history of Fender amplifiers has left an indelible mark on the world of music, with each model bringing its own unique charm to the table. In this review article, we turn our attention to the best small Fender Amps, the … Leggi tutto

“What is a Modeling Amp?” and Other Common Questions About Amplifier Modeling

simulator amps ultimate guide

A modeling amp (also called “amplifier simulator”) is a type of amplifier that uses digital technology to digitally emulate the sound of a variety of different built-in amp models, speaker cabinet models, and effect types, allowing the user to select different combinations of these to create their desired sound. The result is often so realistic … Leggi tutto

What Is a Combo Amp? | The All-In-One Package of Amplifiers

Intro and general explanation of combination amplifiers for the electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass (electric and acousting) blog post GuitarOutrun

Anyone who is even remotely interested in electric/acoustic guitar or bass has probably stumbled upon this term, and even if you’ve never heard it you’ll surely find it when you choose what gear to buy and how to start shaping your own sound. So without losing time in useless introductions, let’s talk about this particular … Leggi tutto

What Are The Best Orange Amps For Metal? (2022 Edition)

best orange amplifiers for metal music

(this article contains affiliate links, that may let us earn a small commision for purchases with no extra cost for you) Having to choose the best metal amp is surely one of the toughest things that an electric guitarist can live. I mean, have you tried searching? You find a nightmare full of tons and … Leggi tutto