Who Was Andres Segovia | Classical Guitar Masters

blog post about his life, works and legacy.

THE LIFE AND BIOGRAPHY On February 21, 1893, Andrés Segovia was born in Linares, Spain: he started his successful career as a self-taught classical guitarist and he made his stage debut in the year of 1909 at the Centro Artistico in Granada. A few years later, in 1913, he had his debut concert in the … Leggi tutto

Who Was Mauro Giuliani? | Classical Guitar Masters

Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantaleo Giuliani: life, works and where to find the music scores for his pieces.

Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantaleo Giuliani (for some reason shortened to Mauro Giuliani on every place where you will hear and read about stuff related to him) is one of the most know composers for classical guitar, mainly studied in Conservatory music school for his studies and didactic pieces, but also appreciated for concerts for his … Leggi tutto

Who Was Fernando Sor? | Classical Guitar Masters

why is he still studied today in conservatories? life and biography, most popular works for classical guitar and places where you can find his music scores online for free.

Fernando Sor is one of the most praised composers for classical guitar, especially when talking about study pieces and didactic material, and his studies and preludes are an important part of the lessons made in Conservatory schools all around the world even in our modern days. In this article we’ll talk about his life, the … Leggi tutto

The Best Classical Nylon String Guitars under 500$: 5 Top Low Priced Classics For Classical

Model Pros Cons Price (Check on Thomann) Yamaha C40 – Excellent price/performance ratio – Good and warm sound – Yamaha’s quality guarantee – Lacks in low-end frequencies and sustain – Basic appearance Check Price Cordoba C5 – Quality woods for its price range – Balanced sound with good treble and bass – Adjustable truss-rod – … Leggi tutto