What Is The Vocal Range Of A Singer?

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We hear singers who are famous for their amazing vocal ranges like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Freddie Mercury. The vocal range of these artists extends from the heights and depths of what a human body can achieve and become a unique instrument in itself. Finding your vocal range can greatly help you to perform better.

What Is Vocal Range?

All of us have different anatomy, and these differences in anatomy are the reason for our unique voices. The vocal cords of every person differ from one another. These vocal cords that we have are the folds in throat tissue that vibrate in harmony to produce the sound of our voice. Our vocal cords with the size and shape of resonance chambers in our throat determine what are vocal range will be and the qualities of our sound.

The vocal range can be best described as the number of octaves our voice can reach. It is the range of pitches that our voice can phonate. Vocal range is frequently used as a characteristic for singing voices classification into different voice types.

What Is The Average Range Of A Man?

The average vocal range of a human male is around 1.5 to 2 octaves. While for some, who have the talent of a great singing voice, the vocal range can reach higher limits. For example, Freddie Mercury is known to have a vocal range of 4. Mike Patton has a vocal range of six.

This proves that vocal range can be enhanced and increased with the right vocal training and practice.

What Is The Average Vocal Range Of A Woman?

The average vocal range for a human female is about 2 to 3 octaves. However, for singing artists, it can reach higher. For example, Mariah Carey has a vocal range of five octaves.

How Many Ranges Categories Are There?

However, in modern pop and rock, you might see many exceptions to this rule.

Vocal ranges are grouped into six broad categories. how these groups are categorized come in handy when singing arranged or traditional songs. However, in modern pop and rock, you might see many exceptions to this rule. 

Namely vocal ranges groups are following>

  1. Bass
  2. Baritone
  3. Tenor
  4. Alto
  5. Mezzo-Soprano
  6. Soprano

What Is Vocal Range Bass?

The bass range is the lowest vocal range when we talk about singing voices, it covers C2  to E4 on the piano.

Who are the famous singers that have bass vocal range?

Johnny Cash has the vocal range of D#2 – B5. Barry White is another famous singer with C3 – A4 vocal range.

What Is A Baritone’s Vocal Range?

The baritone vocal range is considered the medium range, particularly for male singing voices.

Who Are The Famous Singers Baritone Vocal Range Famous Singers:

  • David Bowie has a vocal range of B1- Eb6
  • Chris Cornell sang in the range of C2- A5
  • Elvis Presley is the most famous singer who had a vocal range of F1- A5
  • Corey Taylor had a vocal range of F1 – G5

What Is the Vocal Range called Tenors?

Singers with Tenor vocal range sing very high notes. Their ranges are classified between B2 – C5. Singers who sing beyond this range are called countertenors. Countertenors are men with highly developed voices who can sing beyond the C5 note.

Famous Singers Who Sing Tenor Vocal Range:

  • Paul McCartney sings at A1 – E6 vocal range
  • Bruno Mars sings at C3 – D5 – C6 vocal range
  • Prince sings in F2 – C7 vocal range
  • Charlie Puth sings at C#2 – G5 vocal range
  • Freddie Mercury sings in F2 – F5 vocal range
  • Robert Plant sings at G2 – C#6 vocal range
  • Brendon Urie sings in D2 – C7 vocal range

What Is the Alto Vocal Range?

The Alto vocal range is considered the lowest range of female singing voices. It ranges between C#3 – E5.

Famous Singers who sing in Alto Vocal Range:

  • Tina Turner a has vocal range of D#3 – F#5
  • Lana Del Rey has a vocal range of Bb2 – F5 – C#6
  • Amy Winehouse has a vocal range of D3 – Eb6
  • Cher has a vocal range of C3 – E5 – F6
  • Fiona Apple has the vocal range of D3 – E5

What Are the Mezzo-Soprano Vocal Ranges?

the Mezzo-Soprano is referred to as the medium range of the female vocal range spectrum. This vocal range sits on the piano from F3 – G#5.

Famous Singers Who Sing In Mezzo-Soprano Vocal Range:

  • Alanis Morisette has vocal range of D#3 – G7
  • Lady Gaga has a vocal range of A2 – G5 – B5
  • Janis Joplin has a vocal range of D3 – A5
  • Beyoncé   has a vocal range of C3 – F6

What Is the Vocal Range called Soprano?

This range is for female singing voices who sing higher notes. The modern pop soprano vocal range is mostly categorized as B3 – C6 on piano. 

Famous Singers who sing in Soprano Vocal Range:

  • Aaliyah sing in vocal range of G2 – E6
  • Floor Jansen sing in vocal range of C3 – F6
  • Whitney Houston sings in the vocal range of A2 – G#5 – C#6 (A6)
  • Ariana Grande sings in the vocal range of D3 – B5 – E7
  • Billie Eilish sings in the vocal range of D3 – B4 – G5
  • Christina Aguilera sings in the vocal range of C3 – C7


Knowledge of your particular vocal range can help you find the music genre which suits you best. If you categorize your vocal range into one of these groups.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to sing other notes.  This just gives you a broad idea about your strongest points.

In the context of singing, the vocal range has a huge significance. It is the characteristic that set your voice apart from the rest. Although the vocal range has no particular application in terms of our speech, for singers it is something that should be focused on.


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