Best Resources For Singers (Websites And Youtube Channels)

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Singing has been a popular pastime since before the classical era of music, and you don’t have to be an opera star to enjoy singing. From singing in the shower to performing in talent shows, there are plenty of opportunities to use your voice as an expressive tool and even hone your skills as a musician, no matter what your current skill level may be. If you’re interested in learning more about the art of singing, these singing resources will help you improve your skills and make you an expert at belting notes and hitting high notes with ease.

Website Resources:

If you are an artist or just want to explore your talent in singing, it’s important that you find good resources for improving your skills. Here is a list of websites you can try as a useful resource to learn music.

The X Factor – Picked by the public for the TV show, this is a panel of judges who critique contestants with extreme ruthlessness in search of talent. Look for clips from auditions that you can access without signing up for the show, as well as highlights from various stages of their performance.

Karaoke singing websites are a good resource for singers who are just starting or need some practice. They allow you to sing with a backing track so that you can be the lead singer in any song that you choose. It is also an opportunity to learn how different singers perform their songs. This website is full of videos, audio clips, books, diction lessons, voice training tips, and instructional materials for opera singers. it offers a chance for one-on-one voice lessons with an instructor. Worth checking out!

Musiciansway; Musiciansway is a good place for singers because it offers videos with step-by-step technique tutorials. They also have articles about how singing should be practiced, how to build a vocal warm-up routine, the importance of vocal warm-up, breath support exercises for singers, head voice exercises for singers, tuning your voice, and natural vocal effects. Musiciansway is an excellent source for all things singing-related! This website is a comprehensive tool for singers. When you sign up, you can access thousands of vocal exercises, lessons, and quizzes that can help improve your singing abilities. This is just one of the many great tools for singers on the internet.

Open mic UK: Many aspiring singers look for opportunities to try out their voices. For those not fortunate enough to study in London or other nearby major cities, what’s the best way of checking if any open mic UK events are happening nearby? Thankfully, there is an online resource that lists every open mic UK event as well as a whole host of other singing-related news. This website makes it easy for newbie singers looking for opportunities or established artists seeking inspiration.

Reverbnation is a useful resource for singers looking for performance opportunities, networking with other singers, accessing new songs for vocal exercises, as well as discovering and rating new artists. Check out this site if you’re looking for a way to pursue your passion!

Famous Youtube Channels To Learn Singing

 Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach: Cheryl Porter is the vocal coach from the UK. This youtube channel has lots of vocal exercises perfect for any newbie singer to improve his skills. If you want to polish your singing skills, Cheryl Porter‘s vocal coach is the best channel to guide you. She is a classically trained opera singer with her motivational coaching videos and inspirational approach to teaching, she is considered among the top vocal coaches.

Ian castle youtube channel:: Youtube is a huge platform for singers to improve their skills. Many channels teach singers how to sing and give them advice on how to improve their craft. Ian Castle is a very popular Youtuber that has many videos on singing, life, and many other things. He is a very nice guy and makes his videos very easy to understand. He has many videos that go over how to sing high notes. I think Ian Castle is a very useful Youtuber if you are trying to learn how to sing.

Dr. Dans Voice Essentials:: Dr. Dan is a popular youtube channel for singers. He has a record of 216k subscribers and millions of views on his videos. He offers tutorials and tips on how to improve your voice. His channel is a great free resource for singers of all levels. He provides lessons on how to sing high notes, how to sing low notes, how to sing from your diaphragm, and many more. He has a video on vocal warm-ups, vocal scales, and vocal exercises.

Eric Bruner is a professor at the University of Michigan. He is a professor of music. He is also the director of the Center for Computer Music and Acoustics. He is also the director of a center that studies the intersection of music and technology. He has a Youtube channel where he teaches students how to improve their singing. This channel has helped so many students that have contacted him that they can get a good grasp of how they can study their singing. Another advantage of this channel is that it is free. This channel is one of the best channels that have helped singers to learn how to sing and improve the way they sing. Channel has 6.5k subscribers.


The very definition of what it means to be a singer has changed over the years. Now, singers no longer have to be limited to just the local karaoke bars or overpriced piano bars in the heart of the city. Thanks to YouTube and singing tutoring websites, the world has opened up to those who want to share their singing talents with the world, and some of the best singers in history have gained more popularity than they ever could have imagined.


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