5 Easy Doom Metal Songs For Beginners (2022 edition)

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Dark atmospheres and very dramatic and heavy sounds are one of your favourite things?

Or maybe you want to make your electric guitar sound like the lowest sound that you can possibly hear on the Earth?

If the answer is “yes” then you might like to play some Doom metal riffs and songs on your beloved instrument, and in this post we’ll see a list of beginner-friendly pieces for every metalhead.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a guitar (Electric) Wizard in order to play these, nor using Witchcraft to achieve that sound: just be sure not to Sleep and you’ll surely nail something good on the list as well!


This song definitely is one of the first doom metal songs: the dark instrumental and guitar tone of Tony Iommi, the overall sense of dread and anguish and the clean voice of Ozzy Osbourne ( (as in lots of the first songs of this genre, considering that growls and dirty vocals started to appear only with contaminations and subgenres such as sludge and death) were the elements that kinda started all the wave.

You can listen the song here on Youtube and watch the guitar tabs here on Ultimate Guitar.


Kyuss were another (almost mythical) band that led the genre (in their formation there was also Josh Homme, before playing into his “Queens Of The Stone Age”).

Their combination of desert/stoner rock and heavy metal definitely was a big thing in the metal scene in late 80’s/early 90’s, despite their short activity (going from 1987 to 1995).

From their music, “Thumb” is a song that can be very fun and also accessible for a beginner: you can listen to it here and watch the tabs here


Another big band of the 80’s and 90’s, together with Kyuss, was Sleep: their music can also be considered as stoner and desert metal, with common topics of drugs but with the negative connotations of doom metal music.

The song “Holy Mountain” is a great song, very doom-esque and accessible to everyone with a little practice and some time: you can listen to it here and see the tabs here.


Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats is a band that definitely brings together vintage sounds and modern metal: their stoner/occult/hard rock mixes with doomesque soundscapes as well as early heavy metal influences, that will definitely remind you of early Black Sabbath and also punk music elements, as if also Alice Cooper was somehow in the band in the form of a musical spirit.

Listen to the song and watch the tabs here


Electric Wizard is a band that is usely labeled under the stoner subgenre, with elements of sludge and frequents citations to the music of (guess what) Black Sabbath (their own band’s name is taken by two of their songs, “Electric funeral” and “The Wizard”).

Listen to the song and play it right now!


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