What is Fingerstyle Guitar? | (A Beginner Guide)

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Basically, fingerstyle guitar is a style of playing the guitar where you use your fingers, nails, or picks in your fingers to play. This style allows for a more creative interpretation of music as well as richer sounds. It’s also much faster than playing with a pick. Fingerstyle guitar is typically played on a steel … Leggi tutto

How To Fight Demotivation While Learning Guitar

You’ve just purchased a brand new guitar because you decided to acquire an important skill- learn how to play the guitar! Congrats! Learning the guitar is one of the simplest yet most fulfilling life skills that’ll leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied in life! But here’s the bitter truth- learning guitar may not be as … Leggi tutto

What Is Synthwave Music?

There are so many new music genres out there these days. It is very hard to keep track even how many music genres have been introduced up until now. However, with the synth wave music genre there is also an added complexity because there have been two very different and separate incarnations. The first one … Leggi tutto

What Is Metalcore?

a genre between heavy metal and hardcore punk: metalcore

Metalcore, also known as metallic hardcore, refers to a heavy metal subgenre that incorporates different elements within extreme metal and hardcore punk. This type of genre is well known for its application of intense breakdowns, which are a perfect combination in bringing out that slow and conducive moshing. The instruments feature distorted double bass, drumming, … Leggi tutto

What Is Ambient Music?

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Ambient music is an instrumental sound that accentuates tone, texture, atmosphere, and mood. However, it doesn’t contain steady rhythms or formal melodies common in most popular music. Instead, it crafts the ambiance through aural texture waves. Most ambient albums can also be classified as electronic music as their soundscapes are created through synthesizer pads. Ambient … Leggi tutto

What Is Shoegaze Music (And The Most Famous Bands)

description of the genre called shoe gaze

Shoegaze music is quite ambiguous and doesn’t necessarily specify any particular genre. This is because it doesn’t have a distinct brand of sound. It has emotional attributes making it an impressionistic form of music.  One thing about the music is that you can’t box it into one specific genre. You’ll have room for noise pop, … Leggi tutto


5 songs for pianoforte guitaroutrun.

Starting to play a new instrument can make you feel confused and also overwhelmed: without further directions this is totally normal, after all. But after that first confusion, you might be wondering which are the best easy piano songs that can get you started on this instrument: in this article we’ll see some and also … Leggi tutto


There’s nothing more vital for playing piano than having scores (well, except for very few pro players – congrats to those lucky people!). Anyway, on the Web there are lots of options, and this can be quite confusing: in this article we’ll look at the best score sites for piano players! 1. MUSESCORE Musescore offers … Leggi tutto