Virtual Sheet Music Review (Best Music Sheet Subscription for classical Musicians?)

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Key InformationDetails
Site NameVirtual Sheet Music
FoundedSince 1999
Membership Benefits– Extensive collection of music sheets
– Covers multiple instruments and genres
– Exclusive arrangements available
– MIDI and MP3 files for tracks
– Real-time transposition and playback
– Discounts on external resources (up to 70%)
– Environmental commitment (10 trees/member)
Target Audience– Professional musicians
– Music schools and conservatories
– Composers
– Music teachers
– Music directors and orchestras/ensembles
Genres Available– A wide range of genres, including:
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Holiday, etc.
Instruments Covered– Extensive list of instruments, such as:
Guitar, Piano, Violin, Voice, Flute, etc.
Number of Music Sheets AvailableOver 10,000 pieces
MIDI and MP3 Files AvailableOver 45,000 files
Interactive Features– Real-time transposition
– Playback options
– Tempo adjustment
– Instrument change
External Resources Discounts– Copyrighted digital sheets from Alfred,
Hal Leonard, Schott Music, and more
– Piano accompaniment videos
– Discounts on physical musical items
Environmental Initiative10 trees planted for every new membership

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What is Virtual Sheet Music?

Virtual Music Sheet is a digital music-oriented platform established in 1999. Its primary mission is to provide musicians and music enthusiasts with quick access to high-quality sheet music.

This platform allows users to download desired music scores directly to their computers, making it easy to display, print, and enjoy.

It also offers audio MIDI and Mp3 files for items in its extensive catalog, enriching the musical experience.

Review: What does Virtual Sheet Music Offer

Extensive Music Sheet Library

This music subscription site boasts an extensive library that caters to musicians across all genres and skill levels.

From timeless classical compositions to contemporary hits, it’s a one-stop-shop for sheet music enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a pianist, guitarist, or play any other instrument, you’ll find a vast collection of sheet music to explore.

  1. Classical Sheet Music Downloads: If you’re passionate about classical music, their catalogue offers an unparalleled selection of classical sheet music. From Beethoven to Mozart, you’ll find their masterpieces readily available for download.
  2. Custom Arrangements and Transcriptions: What sets it apart is its offering of custom arrangements and transcriptions. If you’re seeking a unique rendition of a piece, this platform can deliver.
  3. Exclusive Arrangements: the sheet website is the exclusive home to many unique arrangements that you won’t find anywhere else. These exclusive scores add a touch of exclusivity to your repertoire.

Secure Payment Options

Your payment security is a top priority for Virtual Sheet Music. They accept various payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and even traditional checks. Their use of PayPal Payflow gateway ensures safe and secure transactions.

Recognition and Popularity

Virtual Sheet Music’s dedication to quality has earned it recognition as Yahoo!’s “Most Popular” destination for classical music publishing.

How Virtual Sheet Music Works

Direct Download and Email Delivery

Accessing sheet music on Virtual Sheet Music is quite easy. You can download selected music scores directly or have them conveniently delivered to your email.

This user-friendly approach ensures you get the sheet music you need without hassle.

Requesting New Titles

The music site welcomes user suggestions for new sheet music titles.

Whether it’s a classical masterpiece or a contemporary chart-topper, they actively consider and respond to requests, expanding their library based on user input.

Skill Levels

It caters to musicians of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting or consider yourself an advanced player, you’ll find music suited to your proficiency.

  1. Very Easy – Grade 1 & 2: Beginner students will appreciate the collection of very easy sheet music. These pieces often include note/letter indications to aid in music reading.
  2. Easy – Grade 2, 3 & 4: Ideal for beginner and intermediate students, this category covers a wide range of repertoire, from classical classics to traditional pieces.
  3. Medium – Grade 4, 5, 6 & 7: Intermediate to advanced students will find a vast selection of sheet music in this category, including more complex arrangements.
  4. High (for advanced musicians): For professionals and advanced students, Virtual Sheet Music offers original classical repertoire and advanced transcriptions for various instruments and ensembles.

Target Audiences

It targets a diverse audience of music lovers:

  1. Passionate Musicians and Music Lovers: Whether you play an instrument or simply enjoy listening to music, it offers something for everyone.
  2. Music Teachers and Students: Thousands of music teachers and students have embraced Virtual Sheet Music over the years. Its vast collection and interactive features make it a valuable resource for music education.
  3. Professional Musicians: For professionals, quality matters. Virtual Sheet Music delivers top-tier digital sheet music that rivals traditional printed editions. It’s an essential resource for those seeking excellence in their performances.

Features and Benefits for Musicians

It offers a lot of features and benefits tailored to musicians of all levels, making it a valuable resource for those seeking top-quality sheet music and an enhanced musical experience.

Top-Quality Digital Sheet Music

At the heart of Virtual Sheet Music lies its commitment to delivering top-quality digital sheet music: whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate amateur, you can expect the highest standards in your digital scores.

These digital editions are created and edited by seasoned musicians, ensuring accuracy and musicality.

Interactive Features

Virtual Sheet Music goes beyond static sheet music.

It provides interactive features that allow you to engage with your music on a whole new level. You can transpose music, change tempo, and even select different instruments for playback.

These interactive tools empower musicians to customize their practice and performance experience.

Access to over 2,800 Classical & Traditional Titles

As a member of Virtual Music Sheet, you gain access to an impressive collection of over 2,800 classical and traditional titles.

This vast library covers a wide range of composers and musical eras, giving you the freedom to explore and expand your repertoire.

Up to 70% Off on Popular Titles

One of the perks of membership is exclusive discounts.

This Music sheet subscription service for musicians offers its members discounts of up to 70% on popular titles by renowned publishers like Hal Leonard, Alfred, and Schott Music: this means you can expand your sheet music collection without breaking the bank.

Mp3 Accompaniment Tracks

Practice becomes more enjoyable and effective with Mp3 accompaniment tracks. these tracks are available for selected items, allowing you to play along with a professional-quality accompaniment.

Whether you’re preparing for a performance or honing your skills, these tracks are a valuable resource.

Transpose Music

Virtual Sheet Music enables you to transpose music to suit your needs: whether you want to adjust the key for your instrument or accommodate a vocalist, this feature makes it simple.

It ensures that your sheet music is tailored precisely to your preferences.

Environmental Initiative (Planting 10 Trees for Every New Member)

Virtual Sheet Music takes its commitment to the environment seriously, and for every new member, they plant 10 trees—a commendable effort to contribute to a greener planet.

This eco-conscious initiative makes choosing this music sheet subscription service not only a musical choice but an environmentally responsible one.

Membership Pricing (Premium Quality Membership)

Becoming a member of Virtual Sheet Music is an investment in your musical journey, as their website Membership grants you free access to a vast collection of top-quality classical and traditional titles, along with exclusive discounts.

While the premium quality membership comes at a cost, the benefits far outweigh the price.

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Interactive Sheet Music and Accompaniment Tracks

The Evolution of Accompaniment Recordings

Accompaniment recordings have come a long way, and Virtual Sheet Music has embraced this evolution.

Unlike older recordings, which often featured amateur musicians and lacked crucial elements like metronome markings, this music website’s accompaniment tracks are meticulously crafted.

Advantages of this Music sheet subscription website’s Accompaniment Tracks

1. Clean Full-Speed Versions

The clean full-speed versions of their accompaniment tracks provide a seamless experience. With two bars of audio metronome before starting, they help you find the right tempo and maintain it throughout the piece.

2. Full-Speed Versions with Metronome

These versions include an audio metronome throughout the piece, ensuring precise timing and rhythm—a valuable tool for musicians honing their skills.

3. Special Slower Tempo Versions

For practice purposes, it offers special slower tempo versions, allowing you to perfect your performance at a more comfortable pace.

Compatibility and Portability

Their own accompaniment tracks are designed for compatibility and portability. You can practice and perform using your desktop, laptop, iPod, or any Mp3 player. Gone are the days of lugging around bulky CDs and players. Alternatively, you can easily burn Mp3 tracks to CDs for traditional playback.

How to Use Accompaniment Tracks

Using accompaniment tracks from Virtual Music Sheet is straightforward; Download your sheet music and the corresponding Mp3 accompaniment tracks.

With Adobe Reader for your sheet music and iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Quicktime for Mp3 tracks, you’re ready to practice with professional accompaniments. Upload the Mp3 files to your preferred device, and you can practice “on the go.”

Refund Policy

In alignment with Visa/MasterCard regulations, Virtual Sheet Music allows refunds within 90 days of purchase. After this period, you can request a refund through your bank if needed. Their flexible refund policy ensures that you’re satisfied with your purchases.

Original and Legal Sheet Music Editions

Rest assured, the sheet music editions available on Virtual Sheet Music are original and legal. These unique digital editions cannot be found elsewhere, offering a level of exclusivity that sets them apart.

Their high-quality digital editions are pure, digital sheet music, guaranteeing both legality and quality. Additionally, they offer digital editions by renowned publishers such as Alfred, Hal Leonard, and Schott Music in digital and interactive formats.

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