5 Easy BTS Songs for Guitar

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BTS, a South Korean septet, has gained global recognition for their contributions to the music industry. Formed under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013, BTS has become a prominent figure in the music scene, particularly within the K-pop genre. The group consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Known as the “ARMY,” their dedicated fanbase spans the globe.

BTS’s musical repertoire spans multiple genres, including pop, hip-hop, R&B, and EDM, showcasing their versatility as artists, and their lyrics explore various themes, including self-identity, mental health, and social commentary, resonating with a diverse international audience.

In this article you’ll find 5 easy BTS songs that you can play with your guitar: let’s start now!

1. Euphoria

Released in 2018, Euphoria is about independence and attaining the hard-to-find freedom to be happy. It’s a song that recognizes that happiness is an episode we should all love to hold on to. Listening to the song’s lyrics encourages you to acknowledge and cherish the moments of happiness. 

The BTS Euphoria song encourages listeners to find joy by constantly living in the present. The song reflects the general BTS theme of creating an alternative world where hope and happiness are central. 

2. Sea

In the song Sea, released as part of the 2017 album “Love Yourself: Her,” BTS seeks to tell the story of their development as artists. By using the word Sea, the groups reflect the vast opportunities and struggles emerging artists have to contend with. It is also in the metaphor of the seas that the group members refer to the storms they had to go through to get to where they are today. 

Listening to the song leaves you with the consciousness that to attain a goal in life, the support of others (which in this case are BTS fans), appreciation, and resilience are fundamental factors. This is represented by the lyrics that express gratitude to the fans.

3. House of Cards

Central to the BTS House of Cards lyrics are the pains, aspirations, and fears of individuals that want to fall in love. Using the specific phrase House of Cards relates to the fact that love is fragile, just like a house built from cards. The song shows the desperation and fear that comes with the realization that a relationship may not be able to withstand its challenges and that its days are numbered. 

House of Cards is a sad song that mirrors how people may find themselves helpless trying to love someone else. The music resonates with most of its listeners because it tells the story many people may have faced when their relationships fell apart.  

4. Spring Day 

The lyrics of the song Spring Day represent emotions associated with the desire to be with someone that you miss. It uses the idea of the seasons to show the challenges of missing someone and the relief anticipated from being with that person again when the time comes. It compares the emotions of missing someone to the harshness of the winter. 

The song is about the hope that the summer day will arrive if you wait patiently. This song reflects the truth in the assumption that bonds strengthen with challenges and the passing of time.    

5. Dynamite

Dynamite is in keeping with the general BTS themes of spreading positive vibes. Considering BTS released this song during the Covid-19 pandemic, you will realize its message about uplifting spirits during a trying time. 

The song’s lyrics invite us to let go of worrying about things we can’t change and instead go out and enjoy ourselves. It suggests that we can find this joy by dancing and appreciating the small things in life. With this message, it’s easy to see why the song took the world by storm. 


BTS’s music incorporates a diverse range of genres, blending captivating melodies with introspective lyrics. Their discography features tracks that promote self-empowerment (“Love Myself”) and reflect on emotional depth (“Spring Day”).

Each member brings a distinct style, from RM’s rap to Jimin’s vocals: their harmonies and choreography transcend language barriers, offering a multisensory experience, and that’s probably BTS’s music appeals to a wide audience, whether fans are drawn to energetic hip-hop or soulful ballads.

Their work highlights their artistic prowess and their ability to forge deep connections with listeners, contributing to their global recognition!


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