Where To Place A Noise Gate In Your Signal Chain

Where to place a noise gate pedal for the elctric guitar: behaviour with distortions, fuzz, modulation pedals and effects loops guitaroutrun blog post

Where should you put your noise gate pedal? This is a very common question when you first buy one of these pedals, and because a different position in the signal chain can greatly change the overall sound of your rig it can be difficult to know where to place one of those stompboxes. How can … Leggi tutto

Stay tuned: dirty-cheap guitar tuners under 50$

(This article contains affiliate links that can make us earn a small commission for every purchase without extra costs for you) Are you willing to buy a new guitar tuner? If you’re looking for a new model, then you’ll probably stumbled upon pedals with a price near or beyond 100$: despite their very high reliability … Leggi tutto

Best Pedals For A Djent Sound

If you’re searching some pedals that can help you achieve a djent tone, then you have to take 2 (and eventually 3, if you need more customisation) pedals: a distortion/overdrive and a noise gate, and the optional one is an Equalisation pedal. In this article you’ll see some models for each of these 3 categories … Leggi tutto


(This article contains affiliate links, that may earn us a small commission for every purchase without any additional cost for you) When we have lots of pedals and very long runs of cable running around our playing spot we can often heard that something is off: the low and dull sound caused by long cables/too … Leggi tutto