What Is A Phaser Pedal? | A General Introduction

General introductio to phasing stompboxes for electric guitarists

A phaser pedal is an effect similar to a rotary speaker which was developed to simulate the sound of organ.Sound designers over the years have adapted the phaser effect to create many different timbres. 60s psychedelia is notable for employing this effect to add swirls and other textures, as can be seen in music by … Leggi tutto


In the guitar pedal market there are a lot of different brands, and if you’re here then this means that either you’ve heard of Donner or you just want to check out some cheap gear or coupons for saving some bucks on your next piece of guitar gear. Donner is a well established brand with … Leggi tutto

Introduction To Talk Boxes: 5 Songs Compilation

The Talk-Box isn’t a really common effect in the pedalboards of electric guitarists, but it can surely give you a lot of interesting possibilities with your own playing. If you don’t know what it actually is, or what you can do with that strange effect, we’ll see 5 songs that features it and definitely nails … Leggi tutto

What’s a Talk Box? (Aka Singing Into The Electric Guitar)

What's a talk-box for the electric guitar?

Have you ever heard “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi? Or maybe, their other hit “It’s My Life”, or the solo of Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart”, or maybe “Show Me The Way” of Peter Frampton? If you’re wondering why I’m making these questions, or what do they even have in common, the answer … Leggi tutto

What Is A Modulation Pedal | An Introduction to Modulations


What electric guitar’s pedals are considered modulations? In the huge area of different types of effects, recognising a specific sound and fit each one into a specific category can be a great help in understanding better how the final sound of your electric guitar is actually made. For this reason, in this article we’ll see … Leggi tutto

Best Distortions For Metal: A 2022 Updated list

-best metal distortion pedals for electrc guitar 2022 edition updated list with links./

Getting the right guitar tone is essential to playing in any genre, especially metal. The high-gain, distorted sound sets metal tones apart from other music genres. From Black Sabbath to Metallica, metal tones have evolved over time.  Whatever metal sound you are going for, getting the proper distortion or overdrive pedal can help you get … Leggi tutto

Differences Between Compressors And Noise Gates

differences between compressors and noise gate

Technical and utility pedals can be quite challenging for a guitar player: it’s not like distortions, modulations or delays, that you can always hear clearly and understand how they work with their settings and also when turning their knobs and footswitches. If you own compressors, Equalizers or noise gates/suppressors you can find quite hard to … Leggi tutto