Materials of Electric Guitar Cases: Characteristics of the Materials

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A suitable guitar case can set the difference when it comes to how secure your instrument is when moving it from one place to another. While some of the best guitars feature an excellent case, most do not. You’ll need to get one for those who don’t have a case.

Nothing compares to the feeling of acquiring a new and shiny instrument, right? But most of the time, we always let emotion take over and even forget how fragile the instrument is. And most guitarists even don’t know anything about guitar cases. Having spent thousands or even hundreds of dollars acquiring a beautiful guitar, why not spend a little extra on acquiring the right guitar case?

Moreover, nothing is as painful for a guitar player as damaging his precious instrument. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re a casual musician playing at home or an expert touring musician, this piece will provide all the details needed as far as guitar cases are concerned. However, before diving in, let’s first look at the three primary considerations when choosing the right guitar bag.

Consideration When Choosing a Guitar Bag

Certain considerations have to be outlined to get the best guitar case. This includes;

  • The case type: There are three main types of guitar cases you can choose from, soft cases, hard cases, and flight cases. The hard case is, however, popular among many people. On the other hand, soft or gig cases are preferred when traveling around town, while flight guitar bags are suitable for long journeys.
  • Size: Before settling on any guitar case, it’s essential to have a clear picture of your guitar size. This will help you get a bag that will perfectly fit the guitar.
  • Material: Always choose a more durable fabric. The bag material should have the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and water.

Know that you have comprehended the three factors to consider when buying a guitar bag, let’s go through the three types of guitar cases and what they’re made.

Three Types of Guitar Cases to Consider

1. Soft Guitar Bags

This guitar case is also referred to as gig bags. The bag offers the simplest, cheapest, and most convenient way of protecting your guitar. This case features inner padding, an outer nylon cover, different pockets for the guitar accessories, a carrying handle, and backpack straps. The benefit of gig bags is that they provide enough storage space. The zippered pockets help store things like strings, picks, and cleaning cloths.

However, this bag is never the best option due to the material used. They feature lightweight materials like nylon. Nylon does not offer the proper protection when against moisture and high temperature. It’s also not effective against minor accidents, dings, and scratches.

2. Hard Guitar Bags

Hard cases are divided into two categories: wood cases and cases made from other materials like molded or ABC plastic and fiberglass.

Wood Shells Guitar Cases

Wood shell cases provide one significant advantage; they’re hard, a reason why they can easily be tossed and carried even in a van truck. The cases feature a wooden or laminated outer layer covered in Tolex. A material used in protecting the guitar amplifier’s wood cabinet.

Compared to soft guitar cases, wood shell bags offer improved protection and less storage space. Due to the material used, the case will protect the guitar even in rough conditions. However, as much as wood shell bags are tough, they are made from organic materials, meaning they’re prone to suffer due to extreme temperatures.

Molded Plastic/ Fiberglass Guitar Cases

When searching for the best material to protect the guitar, three choices must come up. This includes;

  • ABS or Molded Plastic: This is a heat-resistant material that’s impact resistant and lightweight. It’s also the cheapest among the three materials.
  • Carbon fiber: This material is common among most high-end guitar cases. It’s also the lightest among the rest of the materials. The best part with carbon fiber guitar cases is that they have an additional feature that includes a hygrometer used to monitor the humidity levels within the bag.

Some of the ABS plastic guitar cases are IP67 certified, meaning they are moisture resistant and cannot suffer any damage even after being immersed one meter deep for 30 seconds – a reason why they’re preferred mainly by professional musicians.

Carbon Guitar Cases

Carbon fiber is a premium material used in making guitar bags. It’s considered to be tougher than fiberglass and can withstand more pressure. Carbon fiber cases also feature a distinctive look that’s appreciated by many.

Nevertheless, carbon fiber cases are rare as they’re always custom-built and expensive.

3. Flight Cases

If you’ve been lucky to attend one of the high-budget live concerts, you may have come across this case. This case is considered the go-to option for guitars that require high protection. Flight guitar cases are also the only guitar bags with official approval by all travel agencies across the globe.

  • They feature a Transport Security Agency lock.
  • The case is made using Astro board, a lightweight honeycomb polypropylene, and laminated plywood. These cases are mostly custom-made but can also be found in different music equipment stores.

4.Hybrid Guitar Bags

This type of bag has been gaining popularity over the years. This is attributed to the bag’s soft exterior and hard interior frames. They are the best compromise for anyone looking for high protection, easy carrying, and extra storage.


Any musical instrument needs the proper protection, and guitar is one of them. Guitars also come at a high price, which is why you need to ensure you also guarantee their protection. One way of achieving this is by purchasing a guitar case made with the right materials. You can choose soft, hard, flight, or hybrid cases; the choice will depend [on your needs and how often you move around with your instrument. The key point is to ensure you choose a case that best suits your needs in terms of the instrument safety.

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